prof9I’m Paul. I have been trading tennis on Betfair since about March 2008. I became a fulltime trader in July 2010.  I was frustrated by the fact that no-one would help me even on the smallest question. This blog wasn’t originally even supposed to be a blog. I wanted something that I could update easily with match tips for my site at www.tradesharktennis.com .


The site was set up for me to continue helping newbie tennis traders and also to build a trading community. If I can save people the time I wasted learning everything from scratch then it will be a success :-)

I’m a typical Yorkshireman as you’ll see from my no nonsense approach to trading, teaching trading and life. I have little time for free loaders who want everything done for them but if someone makes an effort to help themselves they will get my help, advice and respect.

I was brought up to have very strong ideas of right and wrong and of how things should be done. That extends to my blog, forum, chatroom and website www.tradesharktennis.com . Comments will be moderated but I welcome criticism as long as its constructive. Abuse will not make it onto the site. If you think I’m a tosser, why are you reading my site?


The daily match tips are based on the analysis that I do for myself. I played tennis to a decent standard when I was younger and am constantly surprised at how accurately I can read a match in-play. This is obviously a huge advantage when trading!

I hope my posts are of use. If not, tell me what you would like to see and I will do my best to accomodate :-)

In 2012 I tried a Tipping Service. My selection process was slightly flawed and this meant that too many picks were coming close but ultimately failing. I stopped the service but as I hate to be beaten by anything I set about creating a selection process that would provide consistently profitable tips. In 2013 I had developed my unique 6 stage selection process. It is rather long winded but does provide much improved match selections. The process has also helped my own trading which was a great bonus. I re-introduced the tipping service and have continued to provide profitable selections. You will see a link to the subscription page at the top of the blog 😉

TradeShark Tennis was given 2 awards in Feb 2012. These were voted for by readers of www.laybackandgetrich.com










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