Shark Tips – Friday 21st April 2017

Disappointing day yesterday. Today can only get better!


ATP Monte Carlo

10:00 – Ramos v Cilic

Back Ramos 1 unit @ 3.00 (curr 2.98)

Cilic has been made to look good by playing injured opponents. Berdych had an MTO yesterday but after that he took the second set to a tie break.

Ramos had a great win over Murray. The danger today is that he suffers a let down after beating the world number 1.

Real value at this price.

Update: Ramos won in 3 sets.


ATP Monte Carlo

11:30 – Cuevas v Pouille

Number of sets: Back “3 sets”,  0.5 units @ 2.46 (curr 2.46)

Some value on Pouille but I feel he needs Cuevas’ level to drop a little to have a chance to win.

Update: Pouille won in 3 sets.


Sarasota Challenger

16:00 – Sandgren v Kudla

Back Sandgren 1 unit @ 2.44 (curr 2.44)

Update: Kudla withdrew (Bet VOID)


Sarasota Challenger

17:30 – Melzer v Zeballos

Back Melzer 1 unit @ 2.10 (curr 2.00)

Update: Melzer won in 2 ( Zeballos retired )


Sarasota Challenger

00:00 – Laaksonen v Tiafoe

Back Laaksonen 1 unit @ 2.20 (curr 2.16)

Update: Tiafoe won in 2 sets.



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