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 Skype sessions have now been replaced by Live Trading Webinars.

The problems with the Skype sessions were that I have over 700 members and people were having to wait way too long to get on a session.  The Webinars allow me to involve many more members at one time ( up to 25).

Also now that I am trading full time I am able to do more sessions. These will be posted on the forum.

Webinars are only open to TradeShark Tennis members.


20 thoughts on “Skype Registration form

  1. skype was fentastic

  2. hiiiiiiiiiii! keep doing greate………….

  3. could you registered the above name as my Skpe name

  4. please remember Naayirema as my Skype and my password as hajara

  5. i cant register for skype

  6. Idont use skpe i need to register to comminucate with my friends

  7. I’d like to register for your next Live Trading Webinar please Paul. Is It possible to receive advance notice by Email as I can be away for a few days every now & then. Many thanks

  8. I too would like to register for your next Live Trading Webinar please Paul. Perhaps one held during the day if possible.

  9. I went register

    • If you are wanting to register for the trading sessions then you need to be a member of Tradeshark Tennis. Then you watch the forum for when I post about an upcoming session.

  10. Wanna register

  11. Hi,
    How to create skype account.

  12. Accept my request

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