ATP Australian Open, Final: Cilic v Federer, 8:30am

Cilic 4.70, Federer 1.26 Federer leads their previous matches 8-1. The last time they played was at the World Tour Finals last November. Federer won on an indoor court in 3 sets after Cilic took the opening set in a tie break. Cilic won their last hard court match. That … Continue reading

WTA Challenger, Newport Beach, Schmiedlova v Gibbs, 9pm

Schmiedlova had a much improved season in 2017. Back in October 2015 she was ranked 26th. She won 64% of her matches last year. She had a slight lead on hard courts last year. She won 65% of her matches against 59% matches won by Gibbs. Both players needed 3 … Continue reading

ATP Australian Open, Fourth round: Dimitrov v Kyrgios, 8am

Dimitrov 2.46, Kyrgios 1.68 Dimitrov leads their previous matches 2-1. The last time they met was earlier this month in the Brisbane semi final. Dimitrov won the opening set but it was Kyrgios who won the match. All their matches were on hard courts with two of them going to … Continue reading

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