14th August 2014

Robredo (1.70) and Kuznetsova (2.16) were winners for the Shark Tips subscribers yesterday. Makarova was disappointing against Kerber as I expected 3 sets. Another day of profit. It’s getting boring now! Cue some negative variance from hell.


I had to go out for longer than expected so haven’t had time to do the blog post. I will add some matches when I get a break between games.


What a day! There won’t be a post. My wife has picked up a violent sickness bug and is projectile vomiting. So far she has used the downstairs toilet which I cleaned this afternoon and the upstairs toilet which I cleaned yesterday. if she is sick in the bath I may have to slap her.

The animals are going nuts too for some reason. I am trying to trade in the middle of all this!

I don’t want to give rushed advice so will leave it for today. I am in the chatroom and advising where time allows.


Everything will be back to normal tomorrow.

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