31 Dec 2013 – Tough night

I have never felt so bad after a night shift as I did this morning!

I have taken most of December off from trading so I was looking forward to getting back into it. However as I have said on here before I can’t just sit around for long and have been busy landscaping the garden to make it more dog friendly (a grand description for spreading gravel everywhere!). Border Collies need a lot of exercise so several walks a day plus frisbee chasing etc etc have taken their toll although I can see a difference in my own fitness after 2 months!

I had underestimated how physically tired I was (am) and pulling an all nighter without any sleep the day before just about put me on my knees. Lessons learned.

Liquidity was ok last night  although as we moved into the early hours it tailed off as expected.

I intended to add to yesterday’s blog post but just didn’t have the energy! I’ll be pacing myself better from now on 😉

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