ABN Amro World Tennis – Tuesday

14:00 – Tsonga v Dimitrov

Rankings are 18 and 86. They haven’t played before.

Tsonga has had a reasonable return to the tour after last season’s injury problems. He isn’t back to his top form though.

His serve has been in decent shape and he holds serve 80% of the time although that has dropped over the last month to 73%.

Dimitrov spends most of his time on the Challenger tour and doesn’t enjoy too much success when he ventures onto the main tour. He came through the qualifying rounds here so is at least accustomed to the conditions and courts.

If  Tsonga shows a fraction of the form he is capable of then he will win this match in straight sets.

Either back Tsonga on serve or back him from the start. If you back from the start don’t use full stake. You can always increase the stake if Tsonga starts well.

Update: Tsonga won 6-4, 6-4.

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