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With Bet Trader Pro being out of action and also the Evolution app being down it has hilighted the need to have back up trading software. Not only that but you need to be as comfortable on them all so that your trading doesn’t suffer.

I have already recommended Fairbot which is my back up application but another has come to my attention that has a very similar look to BTPro. It is £5 a week or there is a special offer on at the moment for a years subs for just £35. I  emailed the owner to ask if the prices were  likely to increase in the near future.

Here is his response, received this morning.

Hi Paul, 

The software was released in June this year on a BETA testing version. Since then it has evolved in looks and performance, especially over the last month or so. 

The price was £12.50 per month,  due to my overheads, but i did tell subscribers the more people who use the software, the cheaper it will become and therefore cut the price to £5 per month.

At the moment i have a special offer which is very limited (another couple of weeks or so) were users can purchase a year’s license for £34.99.

 The price won’t change on the monthly and this is what I will be staying at . The only way the price can go is down.

 I will be releasing new software hopefully in December will be on the same subscription (£5 per month for all my products).


 Mark Welburn

Worth a look 🙂

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6 thoughts on “Alternative Trading software”

  1. Yet another Windows only trading application. The failure of developers to provide cross-platform applications is short-sighted in my view, but then I’m biased 🙂

    Come on developer community, there must be one of you that is capable of programming in Java! Even Betdaq managed to do that.

    Thanks for the heads up Paul

    1. Who rattled your cage? 🙂
      It is surprising though that there aren’t more for non windows machines. Never been tempted from the darkside myself though. Maybe browser based is your best hope? If they don’t have to reduce the spec for Evolution too much to work within the Betafir servers capabilities it must a viable option.

  2. Actually, I have to echo Alistair’s sentiments in being surprised that there isn’t at least one good Java-based app for Betfair so non-Windows users can use it.

    I have used the Betdaq one and it is actually very decent; too bad there is only a fraction of the liquidity there 🙁

    Everyone seems to want to program in nothing but .NET these days 🙁

  3. The main reason i coded betpod in .Net was the fact that many third party controls (such as charting) are .Net only.

    But my new app BetPod something (have’nt got a name yet for it) will be cross platform. i willnot be making it browser based as it does’nt offer the flexability in new windows, charting windows, etc.

    I have tested it out and it even works on a PS3 and a Nintendo Wii. (Mac, Linux, Unix, Windows, Ps3, nintendo Wii) looking to get it out for december hopefully.

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