Another update on the VAT changes

Ok I have taken some advice on this situation and I was pleased with what I was told.

I have 2 types of product. The one time payment ones ( ie the Trading Guide and the Bundle offer) and then there’s the subscription services ( Shark Tips and the Wins a Set list.)


Let’s look at  the subscription services first. The new laws are concerned with products where delivery is automated. As the Shark Tips and Wins a Set selections are emailed to subscribers manually each day they are not covered by the changes. I will need to make a small alteration to the Shark tips. At the moment there is a subscribers only page where the daily selections are posted. I will need to remove that page as that is classed as automated information. The subscribers currently can access the selections via that page without me emailing them.


That takes me to the Trading Guide. Once members have paid and have been given access to the members only pages the information is seen as being delivered automatically and therefore the Guide is subject to the EU VAT law changes.

However the VAT threshold is still in place up until the time I make 1 sale to a non UK EU country. Once I make that first sale I forfeit the VAT threshold.

Usually with products like ebooks or other downloaded products once you pay your money you are automatically given a download link. I have always done things differently. In the early days I had a very small number of customers (actually I think it was just 2!) who were able to change the price on the Paypal payment page. For that reason I have always manually checked the payment before sending them the link. Since everything became password protected there is now a second stage as they need to register a username and I have to give the username access! No one can argue that is automated and it means I am easily able to check that the sale is from a UK resident. If it isn’t I simply refund and direct them to the Clickbank payment button.

The short version is that the Guide and membership will remain VAT free as will the Guide and Tips Bundle offer.

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