ATP Ecuador Open, Quito: Bagnis v Jarry, 9:30pm

Bagnis 2.02, Jarry 1.96

Jarry won their only previous meeting. That was  at the French Open in May last year. Bagnis retired before the end of the first set.

Jarry has better overall results in last 12 months. Also a higher ROI. He won 63% of his matches. On clay he has won 8 of his last 10 matches. In the last 12 months he won 70% of his matches compared to 56% for Bagnis.

Nicolas Jarry

Nicolas Jarry

Bagnis has come through the qualifying rounds this week without losing a set. This is just his second tournament of the year after he lost in the first round of qualifying at the Australian Open to 626 ranked Zsombor Piros of Hungary.

Looks like value on Jarry. Part stake on him at the start. Add more above 2.20

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