ATP Hall of Fame Open, Newport: Bublik v Sandgren

Due to start at 7 pm

Bublik 2.60, Sandgren 1.60

Bublik leads their previous matches 2-1. The last time they met was in June this year in Eastbourne. Sandgren won on grass in 3 sets. Bublik’s wins were both on hard courts. He won in a third set tie break each time. In all their matches the player losing the opening set went on to win.

Overall results slightly favour Bublik in the last 12 months and also in 2019. Grass results are stronger for Sandgren.


Bublik had an excellent win over Troicki in the last round. He also beat a very capable grass player, Alex Bolt in the first round. Both his matches went to 3 sets.

Sandgren had a tough first round win over Istomin and then beat Adrian Mannarino in straight sets as the underdog. He will have the crowd behind him tonight.

Good chance of 3 sets today. Back Sandgren around 1.90.


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