ATP season shortened

Well the moanings of Nadal, Murray, Roddick and co have got them what they wanted. From next year the off season will be extended to 7 weeks to allow the players more of a break to fully recover and prepare for the next season.

No tournaments are lost. See the details HERE.

On that page you can also download pdf’s of the tournament schedules for 2012.

You can see the WTA schedule HERE


The season kicks off on the 1st of January. If you haven’t already joined TradeShark Tennis then now is a great time to get involved so you have time to review the information before the new season.

The Trading Guide contains a huge amount of  info to help you get started in trading tennis and I have more time available in December to answer all your questions.

One off payment of £29. Still the biggest bargain you’ll find on the net 😉

Also watch out for the tipping service in January. Details will appear on the forum.


    Trading Guide

2 thoughts on “ATP season shortened”

  1. no tournaments lost, B U T Paris Masters in october will be played probably with a few top players, cause without any break just after is played ATP FINALS show.

    1. The masters events are mandatory and even though there are some situations that allow them to miss an ATP1000 event it generally requires an injury for them to miss out. Also they get more points in the Masters events

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