Australian Open 2012 – Women’s Final

Azarenka v Sharapova:

I hope they leave the roof open for this one. This will be the noisiest final we are likely to see. I wonder how long it will take for the Aussi crowd to start mimicking the grunts, groans and squeals…

Even though its a Grand Slam Final there is more at stake than “just” the title and the 2.3million USD. They will also reach the top of the world rankings.

 Head to heads are 3-3 although one of Sharapova’s “wins” was when Azarenka retired when she was a  set ahead. The two previous matches were both straight set wins for Azarenka.

Azarenka’s wins are always in straight sets and Sharapova’s always in 3 sets. In all but 1 match Azarenka has taken the first set.

Despite playing the crowd’s favourite,Clijsters Azarenka made a fast start to their semi final. Having taken the first set her level dropped and she lost the next set 1-6. When it looked like Kim was going to take the match Azarenka held it together as her opponent sprayed errors all over the court.  Only when she was serving for the match did she show signs of nerves but still managed to close out the game.

Sharapova is perhaps a little fortunate to be in the final. Kvitova had so maany break chances but wasted them. Kvitova served to stay in the match in the third set and her nerves took over.  Some of her shots barely reached the net.

Sharapova has served a little better than usual in this tournament and she has been very aggressive on return of serve. She has really been going for her opponents’ second serve.

I don’t expect Azarenka to be overcome with nerves and she will continue her record of taking the opening set and she will win he first grandslam final.

Don’t be surprised to see 3 sets and if we do it could be full of errors. Sharapova is one of the stronger players mentally but too many UE’s will hand it to her opponent.

Update: Azarenka started the match by being broken in the first game. Sharapova hel serve for a 2-0 lead. She would only actually win 1 more game in the entire match.

Azarenka is a worth winner and new world number 1.

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6 thoughts on “Australian Open 2012 – Women’s Final”

  1. as i wrote from the begining, AZArenka was my fave for AO2012 and she won it! superb play!

    sharapova played disaster tennis, losing 0-6 in the final says a lot 😉

    bravo AZARENKA ! ! !

    1. Sharapova was 2-0 up and, I think 30-0 up against serve. She looked like she may run away with the opening set. Bizarrely she was to win just 1 more gam in the whole match.

      1. yes, its all about the PSYCHO… azarenka was stressed so she was almost 0-3 down, but than she started to play and crashed sharapova.

          1. yeah… psyche 😉

            azarenka didnt only play very good tennis, but she also wore SEXY shorts 🙂

            I cant wait for your men’s final preview 🙂 after 6 of 6 lost finals by nadal in 2011 vs djoko it can be huge revange for the beginning of 2012, he even told that now djoko is his biggest rival.

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