Australian Open 2016, Quarter Final: Kerber v Azarenka (midnight)

Azarenka leads their previous meetings  6-1. The most recent was earlier this month. She won on a hard court in straight sets. Kerber’s only “win” was due to Azarenka withdrawing before their match.

Kerber has taken her to 3 sets once. The last time was last year’s US Open. Kerber struggled with her own serve in the opening set against Beck. She won the 2nd set 6-0. She faced 10 bp in that match and was broken 3 times.

This is the first time Kerber has made it to the quarter finals. She has been in the 4th round twice before.

Azarenka has been impressive and hasn’t dropped a set. Strycova put her under the most pressure but still managed just 2 break points which Azarenka saved.

Kerber is going to have to really improve on her serve if she is to have any chance. If she served like she did against Beck then this will be over in 2 sets.

I think Kerber will start quickly so I will wait to back Azarenka if she is broken first.

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5 thoughts on “Australian Open 2016, Quarter Final: Kerber v Azarenka (midnight)”

  1. blank

    Lost by backing Azarenka when she was a set down.I backed at 1.87 and then hedged half the amount when she was a break up, i should have done with full but then who knew she will not even take a set.Raonic saved me big time.

    1. blank

      Yeah it was a strange match. High quality at times. I backed Aza when she was broken and backed her again when she went 0-4. I removed liability when she had break points for 4-4. I did back her at the start of set 2 and again greened when she broke serve but more because I was starting to fall asleep and didn’t want to be left with an open position. I never expected Kerber would hang on for straight sets.

      I didn’t make much on the Raonic match so well done for that.

      1. blank

        Well Sir….it was not wise to back Raonic from the start….you also know that….but the good thing i did was to lay him completely after first set and then back him again at the start of 3rd set…i always lay the fav completely in Slams..

        Ladies are so unpredictable(thats ok in wta but in slams too!!!)…Kerber was so passive with Beck.Don’t know what ignited her with Vika….For me she had already won and the final with Serena will be just an exhibition match….i hope she just wins the first set so that i can lay her…

        1. blank

          I think she went into the Beck match expecting to win comfortably. She wasn’t mentally prepared when Beck started well. With Aza she knew she would have to play her best tennis so was more likely to be focused from the first ball. That was why I expected her to start strongly.

          Good work on Raonic.

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