Australian Open – Mens Final

08:30 – Federer v Murray


Rankings are 1 and 4. Head to heads are 6-4 to Murray. Fed has won the last 2 matches.


The market is strongly in favour of Federer and he is currently 1.64 . He was very impressive against Tsonga although the Frenchman played below the standard he had reached in previous rounds. Fed never looked in trouble.


Murray started the tournament with just the right attitude and game plan. Gone were the early tentative rounds where he would wait for his opponent to make mistakes. He has been aggressive and focussed and will be confident going into the final.


Will the fact that it would be his first Grand Slam win play on his mind? Its bound to but he has been near the top of the mens game long enough for it not to be a huge issue. Up to now I think we’ve all been waiting for him to crumble as he has done in the past.  However he has looked like a possible Major winner.


Fed has been here so many times and he’s already tried a few mind games in Tv interviews by saying that all the pressure is on Murray.


IF Murray is to win he will have to maintain his very top form. He has NEVER beaten Feder in a best of 5 set match. If the final was over 3 sets then I think Murray would take it in his current form. Over a best of 5 match I think Federer will be able to outplay the Scot.


I dont think we will only see 3 sets and I can’t see Murray taking him to 5 sets. So that leaves us with a 4 set victory to Federer.


I expect to see an early break of serve so I recommend watching the opening games to get a feel for who’s in form on the day. Scalping will be a good tactic as will backing Federer on his serve. As I have said before Murray can be frustrating to back on serve as you often feel like you should jump out of the trade when he goes 0-30 down.


Use 15-40 at your own risk. These 2 players save a high percentage of break points against them.


Update: Federer is just a level above the rest. Murray put up a fight especially in the 3rd set but experience gave Federer the edge.


Murray’s serve wasn’t up to the level it needed to be and in the 3rd set Federer just held it together a little longer than the Scot.


No disgrace to lose to Fed in this form. He won 6-3, 6-4, 7-6

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