Australian Open – Wed

Midnight – Chang v Benesova


Rankings are 95 and 45. Head to heads are 1-0 to Benesova.


 Benesova rarely plays well for an entire match. She has great ability so I think her problems are with concentration. Her matches are often full of breaks of serve on both sides.


Neither woman has had decent results lately and as they are starting the match very even on Betfair this is an ideal match to use the 15-40. Benesova should win it but Don’t hold your breath.


Update: Benesova won 7-5, 6-2




04:00 – Golubev v Ljubicic


Rankings are  131 and 24. They haven’t met before.


Ljubicic had a very solid win in the first round, taking it in straight sets. Golubev beat Mardy Fish in 4 sets.


Ljubicic is very reliable on  serve and as he starts the match at 1.51 this is a good game to back him on his service games. Golubev could take him close in the first set but I’d expect the number 24 ranked player to win in either 3 or 4 sets.


Update: Ljubicic won 6-3, 3-6, 6-2, 6-3


06:00 – Troicki v Mayer


Rankings are 30 and 60. They haven’t met before.


Troicki is another good server. Mayer had decent ground strokes but shouldnt have enough to challenge too much here.


Either back Troicki on serve or back him from the start. Make sure if you decide to back from the start that you have your strategy ready for if he goes behind.


Over a best of 5 set match Troicki should have more than enough experience to take him through even if its a close match.


Update: Ouch. What happened? Troicki got off to the expected start and won the first set. He then lost the next 3 sets with the last set being very one sided. i didnt watch the game so can only speculate but was there an injury?


Mayer won 4-6, 6-4, 7-6, 6-1

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