Azarenka v McHale

I saw that Azarenka was a break up in the 1st set and yet her price was still around 1.40 .


The world number 9 player against the world number 192. Prematch prices on Azarenka were around 1.10 . I backed Azarenka as she was serving and 30-0 up. Yet her price was rising. I kept checking to see that I has the right market open. I was only trading from a scoreboard but she was well on top. She moved to ( I think) 5-1 and McHale’s price was around the 1.60 mark!!


My first thought was that she was injured and checked the Betfair forum. There was much excitement on there with people calling it a fix. They thought that as soon as the first set was over then Azarenka would retire.


The second set was soon under way ( Azarenka won the first 6-2) and she immediately broke serve. Her price  started to drop and went briefly below my entry point so I greened up.


McHale broke back and Azarenka then broke again. There were then reports of Azarenka limping. Mchale broke back and Azarenka retired.


Even if there was news of an injury it wouldn’t explain the price movement. The injury can’t have been hampering her too much as she was able to easily take the opening set and break serve in the second.


The regular bookmakers have voided bets on the market but Betfair have paid out. So I was lucky but a lot weren’t. Those who were laying Azarenka got a very nice payout. It will be interesting to hear any official views on the match.


Certainly something doesn’t smell right……

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2 thoughts on “Azarenka v McHale”

  1. Boy – am I glad I wasn’t trading that match. Just goes to prove that if something seems too good to be true it probably is!

    1. Absolutely right! Wish I had waited rather than jumping in as having read the betfair forum the smart move was to lay her. Still, a profit’s a profit 😉

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