Bell Challenge Semi Finals – Sat

18:00 – Safarova v Georges

Rankings are 50 and 91. This is their first meeting.

Neither girl has lost a set this week. Safarova is 1.34 on Betfair but after some of the strange results this week that perhaps doesn’t mean a great deal.

Georges rarely gets to this stage of a tournament and has never won a title. Safarova has won 4 so maybe she is more mentally prepared for this match.

Ofcourse she should win. She is ranked 41 places higher than her opponent but probably safer to use 15-40 and if she takes a lead and seems to be holding serve comfortably, let a back bet run to the end of the set.

Update: Safarova won 6-2, 6-2. Started to trade it but had visitors just before the end of the first set and had to green out for a tiny green….


23:30 – Czink v Wozniak

Rankings are 52 and 35. Czink won their only meeting which was this year and on grass.

Wozniak is 1.46 on Betfair but in her match last night (early hours of this morning) Czink seemed to be holding her serve very comfortably. As I was only using a live scoreboard I don’t know whether her opponent was struggling with her injury from the start.

Again, the 15-40 is the safer strategy as I can see this being very close.

Update: Just not my day! I had traded the match ok ( i suppose ) and at the end of the first set  I had a healthy green of about 135 on Czink. I didn’t hedge and thought I’d give her chance to get an early break. She didn’t break in her first receiving game so I hedged for a small red. then Wozniak had 2 break points and I layed Czink. Wozniak bottled it and I hadged out for 76 red. I tried to place a back bet on Czink which would have just got rid of my red on her when she was 30-0 against serve. Te bets weren’t accepted. I tried on the BF site too and there was a message saying due to technical difficulties the market was unavailable.

I and everyone else was left unable to trade out. Amazingly, the very second the match ended the Suspended message came up. That worked ok then Mr Betfair??

Bets have been settled and wont be voided. This doesn’t happen very often but its a pisser when it does. i guess if I had traded better up to that oint I wouldnt have had 76 red anyway.

Accept it and move on.

Czink won 6-3, 6-3 by the way….

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4 thoughts on “Bell Challenge Semi Finals – Sat”

  1. Paul,

    Does this happen a lot during these lesser tournaments?
    (market crashed during 2nd set, I suspect bet aren’t void)

    Only lost a tenner, but annoying as I built a good position and could’ve (and would’ve) got out with a tenner profit.

    1. Have had a really good week so not a major problem. If I had traded a bit better before the problems I wouldn’t have had 76 red anyway.

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