Bell Challenge – Wed

Not many games around today. All four are suitable for the 15-40 but potentially the best one for profit is…..

20:00 – Kudryavtseva v Craybas

Rankings are 97 and 71 and head to heads are 1-0 to Craybas. She is slight fave on Betfair at 1.86 .

On recent form I would expect Craybas to take it but much safer to use the 15-40 . If she takes a good lead in the set  let a back bet run to the end of the set.

The WTA scoreboard seems a little slow this week. I will do a video showing how you can speed it up a little. Basically, you click on one of the players names and the scoreboard shows the latest score it has. Its a bit of a pain but you can get updates a couple of seconds faster.

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