Bet365 Champions League offer. Bet72 will help you take advantage!

I had an email this afternoon from Darren at Bet72. In the interests of laziness I will paste his email here for you!

Hi pal

Hope you are ok and business is good. 

Thanks for all the retweets much appreciated and I’ll be giving your service a few plugs over the ATP Finals so hopefully we can bring a few more members in. 

Bet365 have a cracking Champions League offer so happy to help any of your members to maximise their profits on this one and also I have a spreadsheet if that helps, attached.  (spreadsheet)

Please feel free to pass on as required and if anyone wants to double check their calculations they can email me anytime. 

We have an example on the site…. 

Of course people could use the free bet as some cover for trading too so loads of options. 

All the best. 

Kind regards  


Darren Hall – – No Risk. No Catch. Just Good Maths.


Worth a look.  He comes up with boat loads of offers that can help you build your trading bank.

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