Betfair down again and “improved customer service”

Well, oops they did it again. Betfair working fine one minute and then nothing. Technical issues according to their site. No shit Sherlock.

However they’re clearly trying hard to improve their customer service as they sent a representitive into the chatroom to help users access their accounts. Now THAT’S customer service well done Betfair.

I hope they don’t close my account as I banned the tosspot 😉

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1 thought on “Betfair down again and “improved customer service””

  1. it is the worse…. betfair is so often down, down and down…. we all remember some weeks ago when betfair was DOWN ALL DAY, since 3pm to 10pm during busy SATURDAY….

    than they apologised that issues will never happen again, and we see that it was only typical bu..lshit.

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