BetTornado – Free trading app for the iPad



If you have an iPad you  may be interested in the new BetTornado app which uses the Betfair API to get fast prices. As well as being useful for betting when you can’t use your computer, BetTornado has a special trade mode with scrolling ladders, full market depth and a hedge facility – real trading software for the iPad.


There is also a watch mode which enables you to watch the odds on several different matches at the same time, and you can watch any 4 of these in the mini watch while in trade mode. You can bet directly through both watch and mini watch, so if you are trading several different markets, or even different sports at the same time you can keep an eye on all your trades on one screen.


If you are nervous about using such software on the iPad there is even a training mode where you can use play money to practise, enabling you to get used to the software or test your strategies without risking losing real money.


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BetTornado is completely free to download and use, and works on both wifi and 3g.

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