Beware – this guy from Chile ain't so hot……

I was trading the match between Berdych and Gonzalez last night. I had Gonzalez as favourite even though he had virtually given up in one of his recent matches. In every other game i had watched he fought like a dog.

I was trading his service games  andd it was going ok. Neither player was really on top and Berdych was getting as little upset about a few things which Gonzalez seemed to find amusing. So I was happy enough to have my trades weighted towards Gonzalez.

Then Gonzalez lost serve at the back end of the first set and i was able to switch my green to Berdych by the end of the set.

As the players walked back to their chairs, Gonzalez collected all his stuff together and walked off court. He had shown no sign of an injury and seemed to be walking just fine to the locker room. You could hear someone from the officials ( could have been the umpire, I don’t know ) saying he had a problem with his leg –  bullshit, he had a problem with his bollocks.

I hope he doesn’t get away scott free with walking away. Whilst I didnt lose anything on the match ( BF paid out as the first set was completed ) if i am putting money ona player then the least I expect is that he actually stays on court long enough to complete the match.

Very disappointing from a player who was becoming one of my favourites


Update from

Berdych advances as Gonzalez retires

8/19/09 1:18 AM | Ricky Dimon
Tomas Berdych is through to the Cincinnati second round as Fernando Gonzalez retires after one set on Tuesday afternoon. Next up for Berdych is Philipp Petzschner.

Fernando Gonzalez’s retirement put Tomas Berdych into the second round of the Masters Series Cincinnati on Tuesday. Gonzalez retired with a knee injury after dropping the first set 6-4 in 41 minutes.

Although the 29-year-old Chilean looked far from injured throughout the entire proceedings, he seemed extremely disinterested. Gonzalez went for outright winners early in points even more often than he normally does, and he did well just to stay remotely competitive, saving four of five break points. The world No. 13 had a chance to seize an upper hand early in the match, but he squandered multiple break points at 3-2 and Berdych’s break came immediately thereafter at 3-3.

4 thoughts on “Beware – this guy from Chile ain't so hot……”

  1. i was trading that game by scoreboard only , lost £5 as game just ended after first set wasnt sure what had happened , now i know thanks , £5 may not be alot to some but takes me a while at the mo to win that so bit disappointed 🙁

  2. can i ask , when you are backing the player serving and scalping a few ticks do you aim for a set amount of ticks to win or do you wait to the end of their service then trade out , whats your exit stratagy if you dont mind me asking , as have tried a few things and always seems to go against me 🙁

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