Capita World Tennis Championships – Quarter Finals

These games will be played on Thursday 31st December. There are 2 games listed on Betfair ( don’t ask me why only 2). One starts at 11am and the other at 12:15.


I thought it could be a good opportunity to live test the Skype set up so if you are available at those times on Thursday let me know. No charge as its a test and might go tits up. It will also give me the chance to get back into the swing!


The 2 games are Soderling v Wawrinka and Tsonga v Davydenko. Bet365 will have a live scoreboard but I’ll find a stream for the pics.


Haven’t decided which match yet( I will do both if I can)  but as long as liquidity is ok I think the Davydenko match will be more entertaining.



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2 thoughts on “Capita World Tennis Championships – Quarter Finals”

  1. Hi TradeShark I have just joined today and would like to join the skype session.

    All the Best for 2010

    John Butterworth

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