Chatroom is open during tennis matches

Well, its open 24/7 !


I always felt that a chatroom would be useless during a match as things can often happen so quickly that you don’t have time to type what you’re about to do. You need to be concentrating on entering your trades.


However over the last few days there has been a group of traders in the chatroom sharing their views during matches.


The experience of those in there has been varied from total beginners to pretty knowledgeable traders.  Plenty of info, banter, micky taking and advice.


The room is open to everyone. You don’t even have to be a forum member, although you might want to join up if you find it useful ( or just fun!)


If you visit the forum, check out the Shoutbox on the right sidebar. Its usually posted there if there are guys in the chatroom for an upcoming match.

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