Chatroom. Seems we need some rules…..

Its a shame that I feel the need to make this post.

When you have a free chatroom open to everyone then you take the risk of it attracting idiots. The purpose of the chatroom is for traders to discus trading and for people new to trading to get help from the more experienced.

I have been getting more and more complaints about the room and so its time some rules are laid down so everyone knows my position.

The chat should be predominantly about trading. I am tired of the unnecessary use of abusive language. Personal attacks are unacceptable. If you are unable to express yourself without abuse/swearing for the sake of swearing then I don’t want you in the chat.

The chatroom at the moment isn’t as welcoming as it should be and I will be speaking to room moderators and perhaps having some extra mods to help me ensure that the standards of behaviour and respect that have made the chatroom successful are maintained.

As is also common online there are people who hide behind the annonymity of the internet to criticise and snipe from the shadows. Nothing new there. Anyone writing a blog will tell you that the chances of you pleasing everyone are remote to say the least. I have had my fair share of snipers. If you have intelligent constructive comments to make about me, my blog or my service then have the balls to contact me directly. If you don’t like my advice/tips/service then thats fine. If you feel my blog match picks are of a poor standard and you feel I am letting my readers down then either contact me directly or don’t read the blog.

I know a lot of people who now don’t use the chat because of an aggressive, abusive, juvenile minority. Please help me to keep the chat room as the useful resource that it is.

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2 thoughts on “Chatroom. Seems we need some rules…..”

  1. I have recently been using the chat and have found it extremly helpful and all the people have been nice and given advice that I have listened to, it would be ashame if idoits runined it.
    Maybe getting everyone to register their nicks on there may help someway.

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