China Open – Sun

14:00 – Shvedova Peng

Rankings are 52 and 53. Head to head is 1-0 to Peng.

They are having a very simlar season and whilst at the moment there is very little money matched, when the money starts to move onto this game I would expect them to be fairly even.

Peng has a bit more experience and she will be playing infront of her home crowd so I’d expect her to take the match.

15-40 should throw up a few opportunities and is the recommended strategy.

Update: Peng tookthe first set 6-2. It looked as though she was going to run away with the match but in the second set there was a run of 5 or 6 breaks of serve. Peng, serving at 3-3, managed to hold serve which must have been the final straw for her opponent. Peng won the second set 6-3. Several successful 15-40 opportunities. 🙂

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