Cilic – Bang, and the Brit is gone……..

So Andy Murray comes up short in a major….again. The world number 2 ( and that could change shortly ) lost in straight sets to the big Croat. In straight sets for God’s sake!


I said before the tournament that he would have to be aggressive to be in with a chance. He had started well enough but what happened last night? The other top players don’t need any other motivation to fight and to be aggressive than the fact that it is a Grand Slam event. These are the ones that you’re remembered for. Yet Murray seemed like it just didn’t matter enough.


Yes his opponent has a big serve and hits the ball like a missile but when the other top players beat him they do it by using that power against him. All they have to do is direct the ball as he has provided all the speed for them. Once Cilic had his nose in front and sensed that Murray wasn’t competing the same as he usually does his confidence will have been going up and up. Players like Cilic thrive on that and his serve and ground strokes will have taken on even more intensity.

Murray didn’t seem injured. So what’s the problem? He’ll never reach his goal of being world number 1 unless he can get his head sorted for situations like last night. If Nadal stays around to the end of this week he may be close to taking the number 2 position back. Murray will lose a boat load of points because he has finished way below his second place in last year’s US Open.

He has the shots, the touch, the fitness and (usually) the fighting spirit. His problems seem to be in his head. He’s 22 so still has time but not much. Tennis is a young man’s game ( as my back keeps telling me! ). As he gets older he will have to rely on his mind to play  smarter, as Federer does and how Nadal already does at the same young age of 22.

Only time will tell if he really has what it takes to be one of the games greats …..