Copa Telmex – Saturday

15:00 – Ferrer v Andreev


Rankings are 19 and 38. Head to heads are 4-3 to Andreev.


My first thoughts when I saw this match was that Ferrer is an obvious favourite as the match is being played on clay. Surprisingly on the 2 previous occasions that they have met on clay it was Andreev who won.


Andreev reached the semis in Brazil last week which was also on clay.


Both men are winning a high percentage of their service games ( Ferrer 81, Andreev 75) but Andreev’s serve just isn’t anywhere near its best. This suggests that he is having to work much harder to hold serve. On clay against Ferrer he will have to work even harder.


I give Ferrer a definate edge here. Both players like to slug it out from the baseline and Ferrer is a master at that on clay.


15-40 and scalping methods are recommended. Should be a great match to watch.


Update:  Ferrer won 7-5, 6-2.

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