Croatia Open – Friday

10:00 – Hajek v Melzer

Rankings are 78 and 15. They haven’t played before.

Hajek beat Melzer’s younger brother in the 1st round. Young Melzer was playing his first ATP match. Big brother will be a much tougher opponent.

Jurgen Melzer hasn’t played since he lost in the final of the German Open last Sunday. He reached the semi finals here last year and the organisers have tried to be kind to him scheduling his first match for yesterday and therefore  allowing him extra recovery time after a long previous week. I have a slight concern that he may not be as sharp as normal after an extended rest.

Hajek is no pushover. I have taken stats for clay over the last 3 months. He serves at 68% of first serves in and holds serve 74% of the time. His second serve may give some opportunities to Melzer as it wins him just 52% of points.

Melzer serves a below par 60% of first serves in but wins 70% of points on it. His second serve is very productive too at 58% of points won. He wins 81% of his service games.

A tie break would seem to favour Melzer as he has won 5 from 6 over the last 3 months. Hajek has played one and lost it.

Back Melzer on serve or from the start. He has had plenty of time to prepare for this match and will not want to drop ranking points by not making it to at least the semi finals.

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