December at TradeShark Tennis

As you probably know there is very little tennis in December other than the Davis Cup Final and there’s usually a seniors event but liquidity there is poor.

I will be trading some cricket and probably football to keep the brain ticking over. We may be getting an Aussie cricket expert in for some of the games so look out for that ( nothing definite yet).

I also intend to do organised chats where newer members or potential members of TradeShark Tennis can come along and fire questions. If you haven’t yet signed up then December is a great time to thoroughly go through the information on the members site, watch all the videos and generally get your head round it.

Membership has gone from strength to strength this year. I lost count at 1000 members. The chatroom has also taken off far more than I had hoped for with an increasing number of full time traders using it, all of them happy to help out the newer guys. If you’re looking to speed up your learning it has to be a must especially during matches.

So get yourself signed up. At only £29 you could ask for it as an early Christmas present from the wife ( or Husband, boyfriend, girlfriend, kids, dog).

We still have Paris next week which should be great for trading with good liquidity and all the top guys there. Then we have the ATP finals to look forward to at the end of November.

And remember the WTA isn’t over til the fat girl wins Bali.

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