Delray Beach International – Friday

16:00 – Becker v Nieminen


Rankings are 40 and 109. Head to heads are 1-0 to Becker.


The market has then pretty even. Both men are serving well with Nieminen second in the first serve % table at 74%. However he only wins 66% of points following a successful first serve which suggests it isn’t a huge weapon.


Becker wins 83% of his service games to Nieminen’s 79%.


The problem both men seem to have is in breaking serve. Becker has  his fair share of tie breaks. However when he does manage to get to break point he converts almost half of them.


Nieminen converts just 33% of his break point opportunities.


Could be a tight match. Don’t be surprised to see at least 1 tie break.


I’d recommend backing Becker on serve as I give him a slight edge today.


Update: Very tight match. Nieminen won 7-5, 3-6, 7-6.



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