Don’t miss that 3 months for 2 offer on Shark Tips

Betdaq are covering Challenger tournaments after the main tour finishes. Many of the players involved will be the players we see on the main tour throughout the year.

Betfair may feel forced to cover these events too but they haven’t confirmed this.


Shark tips are running at 9.6% since April ( when the new selection process started ). This is 48 units so using £20 per unit would have given £960 profit.

Info and a link to the offer is at


Please note this offer is only available to the end of November. YOU tell ME when you want your time to start. Remaining time will be frozen at the end of this season’s matches and will restart in January.


If you are already familiar with the service please use the link below

Price = £40 for 3 months access    (Normal price is £20 per month) 

Don't miss that 3 months for 2 offer on Shark Tips 3

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