Famous last words!

No sooner had I posted yesterday that all sites were working that they went down. Or rather they were disabled due to my excessive file uploads.

Their online support was offline until late afternoon and even then they couldn’t help. Someone had deleted the dns entries for the sites. Whether they did this because of my excessive downloads ( not sure how else I can get the site to the new servers!) I aren’t sure yet  but it was late last night before I had a reply from them that www.tradesharktennis.com now worked and also http://blog.tradesharktennis.com

The planned upload of the videos was put on hold until I had an assurance from them that they wouldn’t be disabling the site.

Why do people make such simple tasks into an ordeal? I hate relying on anyone else for anything so dealing with people who can’t communicate what they are or are not doing is driving me mad.

Anyway at least the sites are working with a few tweaks needed to get them 100% again.


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