Forums, Knobcheese and "Where did THAT come from??"

Some of you may know me from the forum. There has been a little discussion as to why I have stopped posting. No tips in this post, so if thats what you’re here for, don’t read this 🙂

I had been a Moderator on the forum for a while. I was asked if I wanted to be a mod as I spent so long on there! I like to think I took it seriously and treated people with respect (whenever possible!) I never set myself up as a trading genius and openly told people how long I had been trading. There weren’t many tennis traders on the forum and when newbies asked a question that i thought I could answer then I would do so. I was learning tennis trading as I went along and as I learned something new I would share it with the forum members.

I didn’t learn anything tennis related on there  but did pick up several tips on trading other sports, especially cricket so i was happy with the deal. I posted a few videos to try to explain what I was passing on. Generally my posts and vids were well received. On an open forum you can’t please everyone and shouldn’t worry if you don’t!

Now, I dont have a problem with criticism. Quite the opposite. As a trader, if you think you are always right you will hang onto positions instead of getting out. But there are ways of doing it. For quite a while the forum was a fun place to hang out, whether it was between trades or during trades for cricket and football. People were genuinely there to help each other and there was a lot of banter with the vast majority of it being light hearted and sometimes bloody hilarious!

Over the last few months there has been an increasing under-current of negativity. People were more interested in putting each other down or proving that another members was scamming everyone ( even if they werent! ). It had happened from time to time before but now it was becoming the norm.I had been thinking for a while that it was time to leave the forum and concentrate on my own trading and the website. As I had enjoyed the forum for several months I was reluctant to leave.

The negativity grew steadily and i was ready to go. Then one day one of the regs posted a question about tennis trading. I was at work and didnt really have the time to be posting but I did anyway. I responded to the original question. I didnt think it was a terrible response. I gave my opinion in good faith. Out of nowhere a new guy jumped all over my post. Now, as i have said I don’t have a problem with being criticised. If I was the kind of guy who put others down, strutted around like i owned the place and generally treat people like shit then the response to my post may have been justified. Rather than just explain why I was wrong this guy used a very aggresive, confrontational tone. He criticised me as a trader, as a person and as a Moderator saying that I should take my position more seriously. He seemed to have made his mind up about all aspects of my personality based on a handful of posts. rathr than the 1700+ that had gone before.  I was surprised by how personal his tone was and wondered, “where did THAT come from??”. Now regarding the basics of his criticism, he had a point. I had responded to the original query and perhaps should have put more thought and time into it. But all that was lost to me because of the way he posted it. Now, this is an online forum and you have to expect things like this but I felt it was an indication of how the forum was going and if I am honest I was pissed off that such a negative post was going to be the catalyst to me leaving the forum.

I shouldn’t have responded at all. I actually thought I was quite restrained! I sent back a couple of posts in response before I stopped myself. What was the point? This was what he wanted and I usually have a bit more class than that. I apologise to the poster as it seemed that my calling him Knobcheese  upset him 🙂

So that post helped me make the final decision to not post on there again. There are some fantastic guys on the forum. Great traders and amazing senses of humour but for me, the fun of being on there is dramatically reduced by the petty sniping, dick waving and testosterone that is taking over. A few guys send me PM’s on there so i will check back for a while but once people stop PMing me there will be no reason to log in.

Maybe he will turn out to be the saviour of the forum. He’s obviously an intelligent guy but, to me, he will always be affectionately known as Knobcheese 😉

4 thoughts on “Forums, Knobcheese and "Where did THAT come from??"”

  1. Hi Tradeshark,

    As the author of the original question, I was grateful for an answer from the one respected tennis trader on said forum.

    I have to agree with you that our good friend, while obviously able to make good and valid points, does so in such a confrontational manner that the very points he is trying to make are effectively negated.

    The way that thread turned into a slagging match actually put me off looking into the very idea of my question. As a result, I haven’t looked at any of the Wimbledon matches.

    It’s such a shame that a valuable resource such as the forum is being wasted by a select few. It is sadly degenerating into a BF forum twin where the genuine golden nuggets are buried under a sea of crap.

    Anyway, I noticed that you had posted a link to this blog and thought I’d pop along and see what’s what. All the best with this, your website and of course, your trading.

    Best regards

    Alistair Hamilton
    Bet Your Life Sports Trading

  2. TS, You get dickwads everywhere. There are a few good forumites on betfair who always offer good advice and tips. Then along come the cretins with nothing better to do but slag them off. You don’t seem the type of guy to let one or two idiots ruffle your feathers, and there are a hell of a lot more people who have appreciated all your advice and help.
    Keep up the good work and good luck for the future.

  3. Thanks Chris,

    No mate, very few people get to me either in real life or online. I don’t suffer fools though and always know when I am pissing in the wind 🙂

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