FREE Skype Sessions?

Years ago I used to offer Skype sessions. they were supposed to be 1 hour sessions but so often ran well over that time.  People were wanting me to trade a match and share my screen. Talking to someone during a trade is very distracting so I would use reduced stakes. When the sessions ran over it took up a much larger chunk of the trading session and they just weren’t worth my time. I did try charging for the sessions but as with everything else I didn’t want to charge much.  The result was that the Skype sessions were a very poor use of my time.


I had an idea yesterday that may work better. What I am proposing is to do 15 minute sessions. There won’t be any live trades but it is more a chance for you to fire questions at me or ask for advice on your trading. You can ask pretty much anything you want. It’s your 15 minutes!

I will not be charging for the sessions but they will be posted on my Youtube channel so you would need at least a microphone.

I am keen to hear any ideas or feedback on this idea. Is it something you’d be interested in? You can respond in the comments below or email me at

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2 thoughts on “FREE Skype Sessions?”

  1. blank

    Think this is a good idea and I would love to fire a few questions at you as have only been trading tennis a few months.

  2. blank

    I would definitely be interested in this! I subscribe to another trading service for football and we have a weekly webinar which i find really really useful.

    Maybe if there is enough interest it could be a joint skype/webinar session where we could even start with a pre-match chat

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