French Open 2013 – Men’s Final

Nadal v Ferrer

This final feels like an anti climax after the Nadal v Djokovic semi final gave us what is seen by many as the “real” final.

Nadal has dominated Ferrer over the years and has won their last 19 on clay. Ferrer beat him on the dirt in 2004 which was their very first meeting.

Ferrer has been getting closer in their recent matches and in the last 2 matches he took it to 3 sets. I won’t be surprised if he takes a set today. That semi final with Djokovic will have taken a lot out of Nadal both physically and emotionally so there is a chance he  comes into this a little flat. There’s also a chance that if he takes a 2 set lead that he will relax.

Ferrer has reached the final without losing a set which is a huge achievement but it’s hard to imagine him snatching the title from Nadal.

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