French Open 2013 – week 2, Tuesday

The quarter finals start today. At this stage the slams always have 2 courts on at the same time even though there are only 4 matches. A little frustrating for us traders but as I have said before the second weeks of slams are my least favourite times in the season.


Serena Williams has won 28 matches in a row. She has won 20 in a row on clay. Yikes.

Kuznetsova has beaten her twice  with the last time being at the 2009 French open. They haven’t played since October 2009.

Does Kuz have a chance today. The market doesn’t give her much of one as Serena starts at 1.05 . If Williams plays anywhere near her best then she will cruise through this match but we have seen many slow starts from her against less capable players than Kuznetsova. I think the best we can expect is for Kuznetsova to go a break up in the first set. Serena’s slow starts are probably because she didn’t rate her opponents as having any chance of beating her. Once she gets into her stride I don’t expect Kuz to have any reply.


Radwanska has a strong head to head record against Errani (6-1) and has won their last 5 meetings. She beat her in Madrid last year shortly before Errani’s run to the final of the French Open.

Errani looked ready to retire in her last match when she was having trouble breathing. After treatment for a blocked diaphragm she was able to continue and Suarez Navarro probably shit herself at the thought of reaching the quarter finals. The Spaniard faded faster than a tan after your summer holiday.

If that was all that was wrong with Errani then I don’t expect that to be an issue today.

I think everyone is expecting Errani to win this based on her performance last year. It’s true she has built on it superbly since then and has become very difficult to beat but I am going with Radwanska to take this in 2 tight sets on maybe 3.

I want over evens before putting any money on her though.


Robredo has had a remarkable tournament so far. In his last 3 matches he has been 2 sets down and yet he has found a way to come back. In the 4th round Almagro led in every set choked away the last 3.

Ferrer has won all his 4 matches in straight sets.

Robredo has had 48 hours to recover and is clearly superbly fit but surely Ferrer is one of the players you just don’t want to meet when you are starting with half a tank.

Robredo just can’t afford to go 2 sets down this time so he has to start fast. The energy needed to do that against Ferrer will be huge and I expect to see some short sets after the first is done.


Tsonga against Federer should be a great one to watch. Federer leads the head to heads 9-4 and has won their last 5 matches.

Tsonga hasn’t lost a set so far and neither had Federer until he came up against Simon. Fed easily took the opening set 6-1 but during the second set he fell having caught his foot in the ground. Whether he was in pain or simply shaken up by the fall his level dropped. By the time he fully recovered his composure he was 2 sets to 1 down. He took control again to take the next 2 sets.

Usually when you have a French player involved in a match you can hear crickets chirping when the other player wins a point but Federer is well loved in Paris. The crowd would obviously love to see their own player win but as long as he plays well I don’t think they will be too disappointed. Tsonga feeds from crowd energy but he will need to get his nose in front to give them something to cheer.

I certainly don’t expect straight sets in this one but Tsonga couldn’t finish the job off on the Australian hard courts in January and I don’t expect him to be able to do so on his less favoured clay.


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