French Open – Saturday

14:00 – Ljubicic v Bellucci

Rankings are 16 and 29. Thay haven’t played before.

Ljubicic came through his match with Fish despite his reported back problems. It took him 5 sets though and that won’t have helped the injury.

Bellucci also had a tough 5 setter but should be in better shape today. This is reflected in the Betfair prices where Bellucc is 1.73.

Ljubicic relies heavily on his serve but he is being forced to slow the serve down a little. This weakens his over all game and certainly if the match goes into 4 or 5 sets he will be at a distinct disadvantage.

I will be watching the opening couple of games. Ljubicic should be fine to back on serve in the opening set. He will want to get the first one under his belt to give himself a chance. He needs the match to be over quickly.

Bellucci often starts slowly and he will be fully aware of Ljubicic’s situation. He will feel that time is on his side. Wait to see how he serves and if he is holding comfortably he can be backed on serve. A 100% fit Ljubicic would expect to attack his opponent’s serve but he isn’t 100%.

If Ljubicic can get the job done quickly he has a chance of going through. If he isn’t able to take the first set then Bellucci is a strong favourite for the match.

Update: Ljubicic had the chance to serve for the first set but was broken. After that it was pretty much one way traffic.

Bellucci won 7-6, 6-2, 6-4

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