Friday 24th May 2013

A better day on the tips yesterday including Hampton winning 2-1 at 6.00 and Roger Vasselin beating Querrey from a set down at 2.40 . I got the score right in Troicki’s match but unfortunately the defending champion lost 2-0. He wins so few tournaments I thought this one might mean something to him. He was twice a break up in the opening set too.

Has this week only been going 4 days? It seems sooo much longer.


Hradecka still hasn’t played her match with Larsson. I still expect her to be too strong.


If Vinci had played her match with Hampton last night then she was huge value at 1.40 with Hampton fighting back from 2-5 in the third set to beat Flipkens. A night’s rest changes things a little and whilst I expect Vinci to win I will be waiting for a higher price of 1.60 to 1.70 before starting to put my stake in.


Nieminen won’t have an easy match against Sijsling who has served exceptionally well this week.

Sijsling has allowed 10 break points all week and he saved 9 of them. Only Kohlschreiber was able to break him.

Nieminen is well rested with Haas withdrawing yesterday but I still think Sijsling is slight favourite here. I will have a small lay at the start as I see more chance of Nieminen being broken first.


Having felt that Monfils wasn’t going to try to even make it past the first round this week I have to admit I called that completely wrong. He’s not the easiest to read at the best of times! He looks like he is playing for the title here although will have a couple of tough matches to get there. Today’s opponent Andujar knocked out Simon in straight sets yesterday.

As its Monfils I won’t be taking the 1.48 currently available on him though. Andujar has been excellent all week and won’t be rolling over easily. I will watch the early games but Monfils around 1.70 is a decent entry

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4 thoughts on “Friday 24th May 2013”

  1. Hello Tradeshark. A little off-topic about RG:

    Lately I’ve been having some success in the tournaments winner market, with back-to-lay opportunities. Most of the players are tips from Sean Calvert at a betfair blog (guilty XD) but he doesn’t give indication about the exit point. That I’ve been defining by myself, and to my amusement I have found the optimal ones so far, laying just before the game where the player loses.

    Now that the RG draw is out, I believe (actually Sean does XD) that Berdych and Gulbis are good choices. However they will meet in round 2 if both get past the first, so the idea is to choose one.

    I am sure that Berdych is confident and that he will give everything he has in this tournament.
    However Gulbis has been some kind of a hedgehog lately, where big players tend to get hurt. But then again, it’s not easy even for Djokovic or Nadal to get past by a Berdych in full-100%.

    Maybe it’s probably best to keep away from both XD, but do you have any hint?


    1. Hi Luis,

      You should read as many blogs as you can as long as theyre good ones. You could follow Sean on twitter where he may give updates.

      I will be looking at the draw this evening so I’ll reply later tonight.

    2. Hi Luis,

      I’d say of those 2 Berdych has a little more chance in a best of 5 tournament. Whichever one gets through their match has a tough draw to get to the quarter fnals

      Tsonga looks a good pick for the 1/4 finals

      Haas too if he’s fit.

      wawrinka only really has Gasquet between him and the 1/4’s

      I will email you the notepad files that show how I expect the rounds to go.

  2. Will I ever be able to thank you enough? No.

    Been looking at the files and I figured it out, each name in a column is the player that will win in that round.

    I was eager to see how Paire would be farong out on thos one, too bad he got Nadal in the third round.

    It’s undeniable that Berdych has a tough draw. But actually Gulbis is the one worrying me the most from them all, of course it’s only instinct.

    As for the first round matches we’ll have to sit tight until Sunday. Will look into some trading opportunities in matches with in-form players like Paire, Sijsling or Monfils if they manage to do us a favour and go behind in the beginning :).


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