Geeks Toy Trading Software – Version 1.2 released

Trading software is very much a personal choice. That choice depends on what you want you trading app to do. There isn’t a massive choice of serious contenders.

For me nothing comes close to the Toy. Why? One of the biggest things is the option to customise your version so it does the job just the way you like it

You want graphs? You have them. If you don’t want graphs, remove them.

You want a version of the hedge tool that’s ideal for tennis, limited overs cricket or any other “2 outcome” event? Switch on “TradeShark Hedge”. If you don’t then switch it off.

You want to set up your bets before the event starts and leave the Toy to trigger a green hedge or a stoploss? Use the new OCO tool. This was added as a direct result of me asking for it. I was hoping it would be the TradeShark OCO Tool but I suppose I shouldn’t be greedy!

Or maybe you just want an application that gets bets onto the exchanges quicker than the other apps.

The list of options goes on and on and if you’re a control freak like me then this should be your application of choice.

The “feature” that gets mentioned more than any other is the fact that its free but.. be honest with you it’s so good I would pay for it.

 Anyone who knows me will know that this is about the highest recommendation you can get from this tightwad Yorkshireman!


If you haven’t tried it yet then you are missing a trick.

Believe the hype. It really is as good as they say!


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8 thoughts on “Geeks Toy Trading Software – Version 1.2 released”

  1. dear sir,

    will you please give your proves for this words ”Or maybe you just want an application that gets bets onto the exchanges quicker than the other apps”

    Or maybe you can’t and just promote this software for free so the geek can give you lifetime acces or maybe its abaut the email we all recived to promote soon and fast the geek toy ? you get scarred and post fast the best lies ever ?

    Grow up little yorkshireman …

    1. bristol,

      Wow so much anger. The info on the speed of the toy is on their forum and has been for at least 12 months ( I think its that long). I would find the link for you but as you’re being needlessly rude you can find it yourself.

      LOL I’m cloning people now? Thats a new one. You complain that you don’t have access to the members area? Are you not able to follow the very simple instructions to regain that access? Everyone else managed it fine.

      Do you think a priest will want to trade tennis?

      The Geek asked people to promote the new release. I use it every day so was more than happy to do it. As I said I dont mind if he charges. Oh and you get free lifetime access just for having a banner on your site.

      Now…..what else. The Tradeshark hedge is so called as I pestered him to add it for a year. Does that mean I am on his ( or anyone else’s) team? If the Geek decides to charge for the software why would he give any of the subs to me?

      And finally, I’m quite a big Yorkshire man actually which is perhaps why I don’t feel the need to wave my dick at everyone.

      Maybe gym membership would be good to get rid of your anger?

      1. “Oh and you get free lifetime access just for having a banner on your site.” not strictly true. I just gave you free lifetime access because you gave me a free tennis guide for sticking your banner up on my home page. 😀

        Seems our friend Bristol doesn’t like us very much. { Interestingly his English, agenda and opinions closely reflect a certain Eastern European commercial software vendor i’m acquainted with.}

        Of course I could be mistaken, but my money is on our friend is posting this rubbish via a proxy.

  2. I wonder how much time will you cheat your real members (not the cloned ones ). when someone read the member area (which I dont have acces anymore due to the fact that you change it,the sam with the chat -for private mindless people ) ,they imagine ”woww what a person, this must be a great person, and they register only to read ugly conversations , no real helpfull responses , you ask something and you get the answear either after the point or things like ‘you can lay low and back high or back high and lay low ‘ . So , my advice is to go to the church a little and tell the priest what are you doing.

  3. To me it seems that you and geek toy and other persons out there are from the same ”team” . I may be wrong but to many strange things happent like buttons called by your nickname and so on . Who the hell cant see the big picture abaut geek toy ?? this is just the simplest market strategies that is born 200 years ago . Give something free for a very long time so people can hear abaut it , make mandatory to donate or promote the software and a 2-3 years mark you got a very good ”edge’ and sleep whell with 5k /month only from subscribers . no need to trade ,no need to do the hard work.

  4. Now you will post with severals ids all the things will cross your mind to support yourself. no worries , we know you well .

    1. Ha ha what a completely pointless, idiotic comment made by someone with so much conviction in their point of view that they hide behind a fake email address. Shame on me? Why? The Toy is nothing to do with me other than the fact I use it.
      I suggest you go away, grow a pair and then come back and try to comment like a grown up.

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