Generali Ladies Final

11:45 – Wickmayer v Kvitova

Rankings are 24 and 55. Head to heads are 2-0 to Wickmayer.

In every match this week Wickmayer has either lost the first set or has had to win 7 games to win it. Yet after the first sets she has run away with the rest of the match.

I didn’t give her much of a chance in her semi for exactly that reason. I felt Pennetta would take advantage of a slow start from her opponent but it didn’t happen.

Kvitova has quietly made her way to the final and hasn’t lost a set all week so this could be a close match.

Safest way to trade it is the 15-40 method. I expect Wickmayer to take the title.

Update: Other than a slight hiccup at the start of the match when Kvitova broke serve this went pretty much as expected. Wickmayer followed the pattern of the week and made it hard for herself in the first set. She came back to take the set 6-4 and having held out through the 2nd she won it 6-3. I didn’t hedge totally as she was in control and a break up.


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