German Open – Final

1300- Golubev v Melzer

Rankings are 82 and 15.Head to heads are 1-0 to Melzer.

Golubev is the surprise of the tournament. His record on clay is poor to say the least and his record against he top players is eveen worse before this week. He has never won an ATP tournament and nerves would have to be a factor today. He hasn’t lost a set though so far which gives an indication of how well he has played.

Melzer didn’t play as well in his semi final as he did in the quarter final but still got the job done in straight sets against Seppi. Towards the end of the first set it was noticeable that he stepped up a gear and was being much more aggressive against serve. His record in finals is poor  but I feel he is becoming more comfortable at the business end of tournaments and he is a strong favourite to take this one.

Both have served well this week with Golubev having a higher first serve % at 64% but Melzer’s second serve has been much more effective than his opponent’s at nearly 69% of points won on it.

I think the occasion will get to Golubev and that will allow Melzer to get off to a quicker start. There is a possibility of this going to three sets bu I think its more likely that Melzer takes it is 2 tight sets.

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