German Open – Thur

Benneteau v Hanescu

Bennetteau had a good win in the last round but i think this is as far as he goes this week. Rankings are 68 and 31 and the market has Hanescu at 1.52 . The first set could be close but i would be backing hanescu from the start to green up when he wins the first set. As usual make sure you have a suitable strategy for if it goes against you.

He lost in the final last week and has looked in great form.

Scalping will get you profits as will 15-40

Update: Rain delay with Benneteau taking the first set 6-3. Thought Hanescu would be too strong. Benneteau must have had his hair done and its given him a morale boost …… This is why I recommend you have a strategy for dealing with a match that doesnt go the right way. Hanescu may well come back strong and win the match but if you’re just staring at your screen and hoping then that is gambling……plain and simple.

Lets see how the next set goes if the rain ever stops….

Hanescu took advantage of the rain break. Benneteau was distracted by his hair going frizzy in the drizzle and let his opponent back in. Hanescu won 3-6, 6-3, 6-3