German Open – Tues

Fognini v Minar

Rankings are 72 and 62 but Fognini is more comfortable on clay than his opponent. The market relects this with his current price being 1.49. Minar has played one match on clay since Wimbledon and he lost it, whereas Fognini player very well last week losing in the semis. He also won the tournament the previous week.

Can’t see Fognini losing this one so  Backing the Favourite is one option for strategies. As always when taking a position at the start of the match you MUST have a strategy for if it goes against you. Green up at the end of the first set.

As always scalping or 15-40 will work but there may be only a small number of 15-40 opps.

Update: Wasn’t able to trade this one. As the score is at 4-3 to Fognini in the first set and the market suspended I am assuming that Minar retired.  Pity as Fognini was a break up but all bets will be void as the first set wasn’t completed………….bugger