Get your Betdaq account in time for Betdaq night

Are you ready for Betdaq night?

Lower commission than Betfair and no Premium charge. It just needs enough people to use it for it to become a viable alternative.



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5 thoughts on “Get your Betdaq account in time for Betdaq night”

  1. what is the DELAY of accepting bets in-play in Betdaq ?

    in betfair it is 5 seconds for live tennis, and at Betdaq how is it ?

    1. As far as I know its also 5 sec if you are taking a price offered by someone else. If you offer a price yourself it has no delay.

  2. Betdaq need MONEY to compete with huge betfair… it is like weak man city was nothing in premiership but with arab money can even win this league.

    you understand? as here ex-betfair worker wrote in blog, its all about MONEY.

    and now if huge and ritch LADBROKES would co-operate with Betdaq than we are done and we have a real competition, betfair would be in troubles than with stupid extra charges and big commisions.

    betdaq + money ladbrokes = succes, isnt it?

    here is sth to read:

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