GTPro Tick Offset settings

We want to use the tick offset tool in the Geeks Toy. To select the value of the tick offset we have to use a drop down menu. As default the available values are 1 to 20.

So if we want to use other values we need to alter a file in the settings folder. This isn’t difficult.

Important: Before you make the change you MUST close the Geeks Toy software. This is becasue the software saves current settings when you close it which would over write any alterations made.

Open a Windows Explorer window and paste the following into the address box:

C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\AGeeksToy\AGeeksToy\Settings – Betfair

Vista & WIN 7:
C:\ProgramData\AGeeksToy\AGeeksToy\Settings – Betfair


Right click on BetToolDropListOptions.xml and select “edit”.

At the top of the window that opens you will see <TickOffset> with values under it. To change the values on the drop down list simply change the values. Note they will appear as


change only the numbers and leave the rest of the line as it is. For example:

<int>70<int> to have a value of 70 available on the tick offset drop down menu.

You will need values from 40 to 70 in increments of 5. (45, 50, 55 etc) Should you need other values you can easily change the settings again.

Close the window and when prompted click “Save”.

Now if you start up the Geeks Toy application the new values should be available in the drop down menu of the Tick Offset tool.

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