If you join just one horse tips service make it this one

A few months ago I was invited to proof a brand new horse racing tipping service.

I get quite a few requests like that and I normally don’t do anything more than reply with a short “no thanks”.

But this time I was being invited by Kris Jackman from Racing Secrets Exposed. I have known Kris for a few years so I knew this was going to be worth a look.

But I wasn’t expecting to see anything like the return I have.

During the 90 days live proofing the service made 169.21 points profit.


The service has just been opened to the general public and I highly recommend you check it out here…Elite Racing System


Some extra info…
1. It made 169.21 points profit during a live 90 day trial.

Not back-tested or claimed profits.

Live profits in front of several thousand punters.

(Highlights included over 25 points at the Cheltenham Festival and 1st AND 2nd at the Grand National).


2. It has a strike rate of 30%. (42% in the trials)

The majority of bets are under 8/1 but those that are above are bet each way.

That means during the 90 day trial the strike rate was an amazing 42%!

So no more pulling your hair out during long losing runs.


3. The selections are sent the night before racing so you have plenty of time to place your bets.

No more waiting around all day to receive the selections.

They are waiting for you whatever time you get up in the morning.

Grab one of the places on the service here…

Elite Racing System


Like I said if you join just one horse racing tipster service this year you can do worse than to make it this one.


P.S. It comes with a 30 day money back guarantee.

Join here…

Elite Racing System





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    Cheers TS, I’ll give it a go – I’ve definitely come to trust your judgement on this sort things 😉

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