Indianapolis – Final

Querrey v Ginepri

Rankings are 37 and 95 and I think Querrey will just be too strong today. Ginepri is no mug but his ranking tells the story of his level of consistency.

One of the sets may be close but its Querrey in straight sets.

Options here are to back Querrey from the start and green up at the end of the first set. Scalpers will get profit too but I don’t expect too may price swings here.

As always when backing favourite from the start, make sure you have a good strategy incase it goes the wrong way. Never enter a trade unless you have a plan for when things go wrong.

Update: Called this one completely wrong 🙁   Ginepri in 2 sets

Surprised how easily Ginepri was able to come throught this. The strategy for when it goes wrong worked perfectly as it does when the underdog breaks and goes on to close out the set. make sur you have a good exit stategy if backing from the start.

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