Indianapolis – Mon

For those of you who can’t trade during the day we have the Indianopolis  tournament. Played on hardcourts it should offer some good opportunities 🙂

Gulbis v Gicquel

These 2 haven’t played a tournament since Wimbledon so their opening few games could see the odd break of serve. The market has then fairly level with Gulbis the slight fave at 1.73 .

Difficult to pick a winner but looks an ideal match for Scalping or 15-40 . With it being on hardcourts, the serves come into play a lot more. Whichever player gets ahead in the first set should be able to serve out the set.

Update: Gicquel won 6-2, 6-3. Much more one sided than I expected but I hope you took the chance to let a back on the leader run to the end of the set. 🙂

2 thoughts on “Indianapolis – Mon”

  1. hi tradeshark
    would you agree 15-40’s are a) harder to come by on hardcourts than on clay and b) harder to convert on hardcourts than on clay?
    As you mentioned above, serve comes into play alot more, so IMO 15-40’s are alot more rare and even if a 15-40 does arise, the server can far more easily get a couple of cheap points by landing a couple of first serves.

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